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Judul Radikalisme dalam Masyarakat Multikultural: Ancaman Lokal dan Tantangan Global
Abstract Radicalism is a destructive notion, when it turns into violence can be very extreme: atrocities, cruelty and inhumanity to achieve the political goals and ideology of the group. Radicalism was first used in national revolutions such as the French Revolution and the Bolsevic Revolution in Russia, or the Cultural Revolution in China, then used in the national liberation struggle against colonial and national liberation movements like the Kurds, Tamil Tigers and movements national liberation in Latin America. Radicalism today became the notion used in religious-based and ideological terrorist movements. The development of forms, types, tactics and strategies of radicalism is very rapid. The method of its dissemination and process of group and individual radicalization involves various means and means in society, including using modern world products. Radicalism not only develops in monocultural society but also develops in multicultural society. Radicalism poses a threat to every country in the world and becomes a global challenge considering the radicalism that has become active in terrorism has spread all over the world, from Europe to Asia, from America to Australia and Africa, from the Middle East to the rest of the world. Geopolitics is one way to counteract and suppress radicalization and radicalism.

Keywords: radical, terrorism, cross-border terrorism, geopolitics.